Maidenhead Cinema

ODEON Maidenhead Cinema History:

Maidenhead Cinema

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Maidenhead has a unique and captivating history of theatres and cinemas, amongst the best is a 21st century Maidenhead Odeon Cinema. The history of Odeon Maidenhead Cinema started with its formal inauguration on September 15th, 2000.

According to locals, the cinema building was previously occupied by the same theatrical business but in different archaeological form. ODEON Maidenhead Cinema is an 8-screen cinema with seating arrangement for 282 people in the screen range and 89 at the down range.

With recent renovation and refurbishment, Odeon Cinema Maidenhead can accommodate 1,300 people with wheelchair accessibility, food & drinks, Odeon Maidenhead Cinema Parking, and much more.

Maidenhead Cinema ODEON:

Maidenhead Cinema

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After the successful opening of the Maidenhead ODEON cinema, UCI The Filmworks bought legal rights of the cinema with ownership acquisition. According to sources (probably in 2004, but not confirmed), Maidenhead Cinema Odeon was rebranded entirely with a different motto which stated ‘The Next Generation Cinema’.

UCI Cinemas SE10 0QJ is a leading cinema chain founded in 1989, Odeon Cinemas Group bought the AMC theatres along with UCI Cinemas (except Brazil franchise) and rebranded it as Odeon & UCI Cinemas Group.

After this amalgamation, UCI The Filmworks was again rebranded and renamed as Odeon Cinema Maidenhead and remains under its supervision with flourishing future ahead.

What is the cost of a taxi to Odeon Maidenhead Cinema?

The cost of a taxi to Odeon Maidenhead Cinema is £6-£9 (estimated) from anywhere in Maidenhead with Maidenhead Taxis & Private Hire

ODEON Cinemas History:

Maidenhead Cinema

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The history of Odeon Cinemas started in 1930 when the first cinema was ‘Perry Bar’ in Birmingham was opened. Odeon Cinemas Group is one of the oldest and best-known cinemas chains in Great Britain (England, Ireland, and Wales) with worldwide franchises in Europe and other continents.

How can I get to Odeon Maidenhead Cinema?

You can reach the Odeon Maidenhead Cinema by utilising the following public transport at convenience:

Maidenhead Cinema

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Getting to and from Odeon Maidenhead Cinema:

Travel to Odeon Maidenhead Cinema by Train – travel in any train that has a stop at Maidenhead Train Station and from there Odeon Cinema Maidenhead is minutes’ walk away.

Travel to Odeon Cinema Maidenhead by Bus/Coach – following are the nearest bus stops to Odeon Cinema Maidenhead – Frascati Way (Stop S1) SL6 1HU, Frascati Way (Stop S2) SL6 1PR, Frascati Way (Stop N1) SL6 4UU, Broadway Bus Station SL6 1NJ, Queen Street Bus Station SL6 1LR, and Grenfell Place Bus Station SL6 1HN

Travel to Odeon Cinema Maidenhead by Taxi – if you’re looking for a hassle-free and affordable way to Maidenhead cinema, then taxi to Odeon Cinema Maidenhead is the best choice for you with Taxis Maidenhead.

What are the contact details of Odeon Cinema Maidenhead?

Here’s a list of essential contact details of Odeon Cinema Maidenhead:

  • Maidenhead Cinema Odeon Address – 42-44 King Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
  • Maidenhead Cinema Odeon Postcode – SL61DY
  • Maidenhead Cinema Odeon Phone Number – +44 333 014 4501 / 0871 2244007
  • Maidenhead Cinema Odeon Opening Times – 9 AM until Midnight or last movie show (not confirmed)

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