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Maidenhead Advertiser History:

Maidenhead Advertiser

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The history of Maidenhead Advertiser starts from its institution on July 28th, 1869 when it published first news copy to the public. Edwin Bushell Posser, the founder of Maidenhead Advertiser, was passionate about newspapers and published the first edition at the cost of one old penny.

Initially, Maidenhead Advertiser was of four-pages long but gradually the number increased bi-annually. Maidenhead Advertiser publication day was Wednesday which was also the market day in Maidenhead. Similar to other publishers, Maidenhead Advertiser ran into financial instability which led Edwin to sell it to five local businessmen in 1872.

Maidenhead Advertiser

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One year after running the press, Frederick George Baylis bought shares of partnership followed by the sole proprietor and Maidenhead Advertiser editor. He started running it as a family business that continues to present day.

Frederick then thought of Maidenhead Advertiser expansion and modernisation by amalgamation with Marlow Chronicle. The first press office was situated at the corner-midst of Broadway and Grove Road in Maidenhead town centre but later in 1901 shifted to Queen Street (present day). Maidenhead Advertiser published its first drawing (line-drawings) in 1882, first photographs in 1884.

The Louis Baylis Charitable Trust:

Maidenhead Advertiser

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Louis Baylis, the grandson of Frederick Baylis, opened a charitable trust in 1962 after Maidenhead Advertiser’s historical struggle throughout the 20th century. The foundation of Louis’s trust was to secure the independence of Maidenhead Advertiser through common means because the purpose of Frederick was to enlighten every local about Maidenhead news. Louis’s aim was:

To preserve the Advertiser as an independent family concern free from all outside influence and its continuance as part of the civic and social life of the community it serves

Louis Baylis Charitable Trust gathered millions of pounds, the spend is well-spent on needy communities and social causes in Maidenhead and surrounding.

Today, Maidenhead Advertiser is flourishing with immense prosperity and popularity in Berkshire. It recently has launched social media platforms including Maidenhead Advertiser twitter and Maidenhead Advertiser Facebook which has attracted thousands of locals.

Maidenhead Advertiser Newspaper:

From a four-page long weekly paper to the leading Maidenhead news provider, the advertiser has offered:

  • Maidenhead Advertiser Jobs – Employment to those who need journalism exposure
  • Maidenhead Advertiser Obituaries – publish of deceased with brief history
  • Maidenhead Advertiser free ads – offers zero cost advertisements with conditions
  • Maidenhead Advertiser Best Pub – Display names of best pubs in town
  • Maidenhead Advertiser Sport – Learn the latest news about Cricket and more
  • Maidenhead Advertiser Marketplace – Online business services

Maidenhead Advertiser

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Contact Details of Maidenhead Advertiser

  • Maidenhead Advertiser Address: Baylis Media Ltd. Newspaper House, 48 Bell Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK
  • Maidenhead Advertiser Postcode: SL6 1HX
  • Maidenhead Advertiser Contact: 01628 680680 (Newsroom, Advertising, Accounts)
  • Maidenhead Advertiser Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Maidenhead Advertiser Opening Times:

Day Timing
Monday 9 am to 5 pm
Tuesday 9 am to 5 pm
Wednesday 9 am to 5 pm
Thursday 9 am to 5 pm
Friday 9 am to 5 pm
Saturday CLOSED

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