Canterbury West Train Station

Canterbury West Train Station History:

Canterbury West Train Station

(Photo: Canterbury West in 1846  – Source)

Being the first official train station in Canterbury, the history of Canterbury West Station started with its opening-inauguration on February 6th, 1846. Canterbury West (CBW). Canterbury West (CT2 7RJ) is currently managed by Southeastern train operating company, it is also the founding company of Canterbury West train station when the company thought of expanding their rail links to Ashford with proper train services.

After the successful launch, train services were further expanded to Ramsgate, Whitstable in April 1846.

How many platforms does Canterbury West Station have?

Canterbury West Train Station has two platforms: Platform 1 -Ashford Bound, Platform 2 – Coach Bound

Trains to Canterbury West – Historical Timeline:

Canterbury West Train Station

(Photo: Courtesy: Stacey Harris – Source)

Following is the list of historical and significant events that are affiliated with Canterbury West Train Station:

  • 1846 – Canterbury West Station was opened on 6 February
  • 1846 – CBW Station services extended to Whitstable and Ramsgate in April
  • 1889 – Canterbury West read Canterbury (SER) change for Whitstable and Elham Valley Line
  • 1931 – Whitstable branch of CBW was closed for public
  • 1940 – passenger travelling from Elham Valley to Canterbury was terminated
  • 1961 – Electric train services began in Kent (Southern region)
  • 1965 – Cargo services were withdrawn followed by removal of tracks in 1979
  • 1973 – English Heritage enlists Canterbury West Station as Grade II building
  • 2009 – Canterbury West Station (CBW) affiliates with Southeastern High Speed for London St Pancras Station
  • 2010 – Canterbury West Train Station underwent renovation and refurbishment
  • 2013 – Canterbury West Car park was added

Around 2.468 million passengers travelled to and from Canterbury West Railway Station.

Is there car parking at Canterbury West Station?

Yes, Canterbury West Car parking is available at two sites, one car park has space for 63 cars and reserved for seasonal travellers from Monday to Friday (before 9:30 AM) and the second car park is ad-hoc style parking with 36 parking spaces.  

Canterbury West Train Station

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Canterbury West Train Services:

Trains Per Hour Off-Peak Train Routes
1 train St Pancras via Ashford, Ebbsfleet and Stratford
2 trains Charing Cross via Ashford and Sevenoaks
2 trains Ramsgate to Margate

Canterbury West Station Train Ticket Pricing:

Type of Charge/Pricing Ticket price
Daily Price £6.50
Off-peak Price £7.20
Saturday Price £4.60
Sunday Price £1.00
Weekly Price £31.10
Monthly Price £109.20
3-Months Price £325.60
6-Months Price £651.20
Annual Price £1178.10

Getting to and from Canterbury West Train Station:

People who’re planning to use the Canterbury West station for travelling can use the following public transport to get to it:

Travel to Canterbury West Train Station by Train – Hop on any train from London, Bedfordshire, or anywhere in Kent that has a stop at Canterbury West Station. Trains to Canterbury West should leave every 15-30 minutes.

Travel to Canterbury West Train Station by Bus/Coach – use the following bus stops as destinations and from there Canterbury West is few minutes away: Canterbury West Station CT2 8AN (Stagecoach South East), Westgate Towers CT2 7EB (Stagecoach South East), St Dunstan’s Church CT2 8BZ (Regent Coaches), The Causeway CT2 7JZ (Stagecoach South East)

Travel to Canterbury West Train Station by Taxi – The safest, cost-effective, and reliable way to travel in Canterbury, Kent is by taxi. You can book a taxi to Canterbury West Station from anywhere in Canterbury, Kent with Taxis Canterbury Private Car Hire 24/7.

Canterbury West Train Station

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What are the contact details of Canterbury West Station?

  • Canterbury West Train Station Address – Station Road West, Canterbury, Kent, UK
  • Canterbury West Train Station Postcode – CT2 8AN
  • Canterbury West Train Station Phone Number – 0845 000 2222 (Customer Service)
  • Canterbury West Train Station Opening Hours – Ticking office hours are: 6:15 AM to 7:30 PM (Mon-Sat) and 8:30 AM to 5 PM (Sunday)

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