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Not to be confused with Canterbury United FC (New Zealand) as both are two football different clubs from different countries

Canterbury City FC Fixtures:

Canterbury FC

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With 67 years of professional football, Canterbury City Football Club has played excellent football and named several national leagues by thrashing wins. Canterbury Football Club is also a prominent member of Southern Counties East League.

Canterbury Fixtures and Results –  In January 2018, Canterbury FC won 2 matches: one against SC Thamesmead FC (7-3 score, cup match) and other against Corinthian FC (1-0 League match). Canterbury FC has started the second month of 2018 by first draw-match to 1-1 against AFC Croydon Athletic (1-1, League match).

Let’s cheer the Canterbury City FC for their upcoming Cup match against Sheppey United FC on Saturday 10th Feb 2018 at 15:00.

Facts About Canterbury FC:

Did you know?

Canterbury City FC was founded around 1904 (original and unofficial) and became nationally recognized in 1947 (founding year)

Canterbury FC Current Position:

Canterbury FC

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Canterbury City FC is currently at 10th spot in the Premier Division with 35 points, played 39 matches, won 21, drawn 8, and lost 10 matches. Interestingly, the above 9 teams slightly higher in points than Canterbury FC, the difference is not much. Canterbury FC has 5 upcoming matches in February’18 (4 League and 1 Cup match). If they manage to secure the wins, the chances of getting through the semi-final might be possible.

Canterbury City FC also stands 9th (according to online sources) in Southern Counties East League, Premier League for 2016-17.

With the last bad-tempered game against Croydon Athletic, Canterbury FC is hoping to do some good to surprise their opposing teams.

Canterbury FC News & Updates:

Canterbury FC

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Ben Smith, manager and midfielder of Canterbury City FC, comments on the last drawn match by saying that the Canterbury team would become less aggressive to avoid raising in-game player temper.

He also stated that the Canterbury FC is practising on a different theme of football to play better games in future.

Canterbury FC Players 2018:

Canterbury FC

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Below you may find the Canterbury City FC first team:





Canterbury FC

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Contact Details of Canterbury FC:

  • Canterbury City FC Address – The Charles Ground, St Leonards Road, Mill Road, Deal, Canterbury, Kent, UK
  • Canterbury City FC Postcode – CT14 9AU
  • Canterbury City FC Phone Number – +44 1227 375000
  • Canterbury City FC Stadium – The Charles Ground Stadium

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