Canterbury College

Canterbury College History:

Canterbury College

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The history of Canterbury College began in 1947 when this educational pioneer stepped in Canterbury to become one of the major further education and higher education colleges with two excellent campuses: one in Canterbury, other is Swale ME12 1HL.

Presently, there are 800 professionals employed as permanent and contract-based college staff, facilitating around 10,000 students. Canterbury College offers first-rate education courses with weekend adult learners and every individual who’s unable to attend the college on daily basis but enthusiastic to get an education.

Canterbury College Courses and Amenities:

Canterbury College

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Canterbury College, Kent, UK has established courses by focusing on major and conquering fields of all times. From excellent arts & design studio to engineering workshops, Canterbury College has become a real working environment for students where students get to learn and practically demonstrate at the same time. Some of Canterbury College education curriculum is based on:

Canterbury College also provides brilliant beauty and hair salons, Children’s centre with proper treatments.

Canterbury College & Further Education:

Canterbury College

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With the passage of time, Canterbury College, Kent has developed its vocational courses to degrees with the addition of certificate disciplines (courses or education that provides degree/certificate), such as:

  • Higher EducationCanterbury College offers full-time and part-time courses
  • Certificates and Diplomas Canterbury College offers numerous professional certificates and diplomas after students complete their chosen study/discipline with required grades for passing.
  • Training, Internships, and ApprenticeshipsCanterbury College offers 30 paid training and allow students to work with professionals to learn more about employment

Shappey College – Canterbury College Affiliation:

Shappey College ME12 1HL is an affiliated college of Canterbury College that offers almost same amenities and educational courses as Canterbury College, Kent, UK.

  • Shappey College Address – Bridge Road, Sheerness, Canterbury, Kent, UK
  • Shappey College Postcode – ME12 1HL
  • Shappey College Phone Number – 01795 582509
  • Shappey College Opening Times – 9 AM to 5 PM (not confirmed)

Canterbury College Awards & Achievements:

Canterbury College

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With mission statement as ‘To be the Best…Canterbury College has named several honours, recognitions and awards. Below is the list of all the winnings of Canterbury College:

  • Winner – Award for the Best FE Union, Student’s Union (2012 & 2013), NUS Awards 2012
  • Winner – Award for Learning & Skills Improvement Service Student Union Award (2013)
  • Winner – Award for KEiBA, Environmental Sustainability (2013)
  • Winner – Award by NIACE Adult Learners National Award (2013 and 2014)
  • Winner – Award (silver) for Support of the Armed Forces Covenant by SABRE (2014)
  • Winner – Award (TES FE) for Students Support Services (2015)
  • Winner – Award (AOC Beacon) for Students Support Services (2015)

Taxi to Canterbury College, Kent:

Interested students, parents, and people who wish to become part of the excellent Canterbury College can visit the site with Canterbury Taxis & Private Hire from anywhere in Canterbury at affordable rates.

What are the contact details of Canterbury College?

Below you may find the essential contact details of Canterbury College:

  •         Canterbury College Address – New Dover Road, Canterbury, Kent, UK
  •         Canterbury College Postcode – CT1 3AJ
  •         Canterbury College Phone Number – +44 1227 811111
  •         Canterbury College Opening Hours – 9 AM to 5 PM (not confirmed)

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