Canterbury City Council – History, Facts, Information

Canterbury City Council – City of Canterbury:

Canterbury City Council

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The history of Canterbury City Council was laid with its formation on April 1st, 1974. It was a productive and what people believe, was the life-changing amalgamation of Canterbury with existing nearby districts (BridgeBlean Rural District, Herne Bay Urban Districts, and Whitstable). Today, all the aforementioned and surrounding areas come under the supervision of Canterbury City Council (City of Canterbury).

Not to be confused with the City of Canterbury as it is a non-metropolitan district of which Canterbury is a central portion.

What are non-metropolitan districts?

Non-metropolitan districts are a subtype of non-metropolitan counties that provides specific governmental services to the public. English non-metropolitan district services include Housing, planning applications, leisure and recreation, waste collection, environmental health, and revenue collection.

Canterbury City Council – Employment:

Canterbury City Council

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Currently, there are 500+ professionals working for Canterbury City Council to create a better and peaceful place to live for the people. Canterbury City Council has 39 councillors, each elected through fair elections, these chosen councillors are given legal rights to run the Conservative administration. So, if you’re looking for medium to become professional, don’t forget to drop your CV for jobs at Canterbury Council.

People who wish to become part of this remarkable division can join as volunteers or employees by applying for related jobs. The primary goal of Canterbury City Council to facilitate people in following matters:

Award Winning Council – Canterbury Council:

Canterbury City Council

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By successfully bringing productive changes in Canterbury and surrounding areas, Canterbury City Council is current award-holder for ‘Customer Service Excellence’. According to an online survey, the locals of Canterbury really admire and appreciate the efforts Canterbury City Council put forth to facilitate the people as much as possible.

How can I get to Canterbury City Council?

You can travel to Canterbury City Council by bus (15 minutes away), by bus (2 minutes away), and by taxi at affordable.

Getting to and from Canterbury City Council:

If you need Canterbury City Council directions, just follow the below-mentioned public transport to get to the city of Canterbury:

Travel to Canterbury City Council by Train – Book train tickets to Canterbury and get-off at Canterbury West Train Station (CT2 7RJ) that is 15 minutes’ walk away from Canterbury City Council.

Travel to Canterbury City Council by Bus/Coach – Hop on any bus or coach to Canterbury and use the following bus stations as drop-off locations: Sainsbury’s CT2 7PH, CT1 1BW, Leisure Centre CT2 7PW, and Malthouse Road CT2 7JF. These bus stations are 2 minutes’ walk away from Canterbury City Council.

Travel to Canterbury City Council by Taxi – Visit the Canterbury Council any time on any day from anywhere in Canterbury, Kent, the UK with Canterbury Taxis & Airport Transfers at astonishingly reasonable prices.

Canterbury City Council

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What are the contact details of Canterbury City Council?

  • Canterbury City Council Address – Military Road, Canterbury, Kent, UK
  • Canterbury City Council Postcode – CT1 1YW
  • Canterbury City Council Contact Number – 01227 862 000
  • Canterbury City Council Opening Hours – 8:45 AM to 5 PM Mon-Fri (helpline), 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM Mon-Fri (Visiting times), 2 PM to 5 PM Mon-Fri (appointments only)

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