Archbishop of Canterbury

The Archbishop of Canterbury:

Archbishop of Canterbury

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According to numerous historians and authentic online sources, the origin of Archbishop of Canterbury came into being during the Roman civilization reign (Britannia province). There were four archbishops in four different location: Lincoln, London, Cirencester, and York. When the Anglo-Saxons (mostly Germanic peoples), they expanded their political and religious influence by established close links with the European trade, politics, and culture.

First Archbishop of Canterbury:

Who was the first archbishop of Canterbury?

The first Archbishop of Canterbury was St Augustine appointed in 597 AD, Kent, UK

Last Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury:

Archbishop of Canterbury

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During the English Reformation of the 16th century, the Church of England broke its affiliation with the Catholic Church. This resulted in a complete ban on Catholic archbishops, and protestant were provided with the opportunity to serve the churches of England for some time.

Who was the last Catholic archbishop of Canterbury?

Reginald Pole was the last serving Catholic archbishop of Canterbury from 1556 to 1558

First Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury:

However, soon after the decision, there was a Counter-Reformation, which emphasized the pope, archbishop of Canterbury and other bishops to re-consider designating Catholic Archbishop of Canterbury.

Who was the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury?

Thomas Cranmer was the first Protestant Archbishop of Canterbury, appointed in 1533

Archbishop of Canterbury – Roles & Responsibilities:

Archbishop of Canterbury

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Archbishop of Canterbury has been assigned to several duties, some of them are:

  • Joint President of Council of Christians and Jews
  • Acting Chancellor of Canterbury Christ Church University
  • Visiting Faculty Member to various academic Institutions
  • Governor of few schools and colleges
  • Trustee of colleges and few trusts
  • Patron of few unions
  • Director of Canterbury Diocesan Board of Finance

Who is the current Archbishop of Canterbury 2017-18?

The current Archbishop of Canterbury is Justin Welby who joined the office in 2013

Archbishop of Canterbury

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How can I contact the Archbishop of Canterbury?

Below is the necessary information about Archbishop of Canterbury:

  • Archbishop of Canterbury Address – Lambeth Palace, London, UK
  • Archbishop of Canterbury Postcode – SE1 7JU
  • Archbishop of Canterbury Phone Number – +44 207 898 1200
  • Archbishop of Canterbury Contact Times – 9 Am to 5 PM office times (not confirmed)

Educational Influence of the Archbishop of Canterbury:

The Archbishop of Canterbury also provide educational degrees known as ‘Lambeth Degrees‘, it is also considered as one of the holiest degrees amongst others. Furthermore, the authority conducts for eligibility that is commonly known as ‘ A.E.T (Archbishop of Canterbury’s Examination in Theology )’.

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