Privacy Policy

Object, Warning & Disclaimer

OnTime Cars Maidenhead is taxi service provider from Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK. The company registered to the address 107 Queen Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1LR, United Kingdom with website for bookings, details, customer support and blogging.

Every property that is found on its website, manual books, and paper documents, along with fleets, symbol and logo is a legal property of OnTime Cars Maidenhead. Therefore, this legal document shall serve the purpose of objection, legality, authentication to users, readers, passengers, and customers. It may also be used to showcase court-matters considering it as a legal warning thereof.

OnTime Cars Maidenhead must enlighten its readers and customers about its privacy policy through this document. Upon ensuring and confirming its legality after reading the paragraph above, we wish to inform that the fundamental purpose of such privacy policy is to indulge our users in understanding the integrity and awareness about OnTime Cars Maidenhead, its products, services, and content found off and online.

Conditions of Use

OnTime Cars Maidenhead may wish to request particular type of data from its users, readers, and customers for several legal reasons. The purpose of doing so is no more than laying the foundation of legality, the Public order in transportation, and good faith. The introduction such conditions of usage merely consist of two sections of attention: online-offline content and entrance of data.

To start with, the users and customers must provide utmost compliance to the company by providing accurate, legit, and authentic information about themselves. Furthermore, every user is responsible for the type of data and information he/she provides us with. Second, OnTime Cars Maidenhead holds complete rights and is responsible for every content it provides on its official website and in documents, advertisements, leaflets, and brochures.

It is essential for everyone to understand how illegal and strictly prohibited it is to modify, reproduce, rewrite, plagiarise, copy-paste, alter, and distribute any content that is the absolute property of OnTime Cars Maidenhead. However, it may become possible until and unless provided with legal consent.

OnTime Cars Maidenhead use social media platforms and other socially active online sources for the sole purpose of marketing and promotion to continue the expansion of the taxi service business for betterment. Therefore, the company will and must not be held responsible for any subject of matter apart from entities mentioned in this legal document.

Every user, reader, and customer is requested to carefully and thoroughly read the terms and condition and privacy policy document so that enlightenment of every sort could be raised amidst procedures. Furthermore, electronic breach or cyber invasion from user end must initially be reported to us, OnTime Cars Maidenhead before approaching court or legal jurisdictions.

Use of Information

OnTime Cars Maidenhead holds complete rights and absolute privileges of its property, product, and services followed by contract and permanent employees. This section may provide clarification and better understanding about information and data type we may request from our users and customers along with its purpose.

Such introduction is only to benefit our customers and users with how we manage to secure and protect user data and what type of it is necessary for continuation. There are two types of data: Electronic Data and Physical Data, Electronic Data is consisting of our website, domain, every typed and found content on it, whereas physical data may consist of fill-out forms, legal consents, documents, and company regulation book. Following are a detailed description of it for concise clarity in the context:

  • Personal Information that may consist of Full Name, Father/Guardian/husband/wife’s Name
  • Contact Information that may consist of Phone number and email address
  • Legal Information that may consist of Identity Card (ID) and Passport in rare cases
  • Electronic Information that may consist of Browser name, IP Address, Computer Name, Date and Time (Read Cookies Section below for clarification)
  • Payment Information that may consist of Account Number and Bank Details
  • Record or history of information in case if there is a fair case of refund, dispute, purchase claim etc.
  • The purpose of requesting user’s email is to send latest information regarding OnTime Cars Maidenhead that may consist of promotional emails, marketing emails, discount and offer emails, news and blogging emails
  • User holds absolute privilege to unsubscribe to such email notification at any time of ease and convenience
  • Registration information that may consist of information mentioned above upon filling fill-out registration forms or website login details.

Purpose of Gathering Information

OnTime Cars Maidenhead wishes to gather such discussed data and types of information to secure user’s record and privacy for taxi service usage. We ensure 100% security and satisfaction that we only intend to use the data and information for user and company’s benefit.

We will not release any information to third-parties or any individual unless approached with court’s consent. To us, our customers are everything, but we will not be responsible in case of malicious activities, cyber invasion, or any othe electronic illegal activity done under your name on the internet. We are only responsible for securing data you provide us with.

Use of Cookies

For unaware and unheard users, Cookies is a computer application which performs specific actions to save user’s demographic and history of the internet. The purpose of cookies is to monitor and control the online traffic coming on any website. OnTime Cars Maidenhead uses the Google Analytics and few other tools for monitoring and controlling the electronic traffic. This statistical analysis is entirely based on information such as IP address, Browser name, Computer Name, Date and time of Access, and complete location.

Users can disable or discard this cookies options from their browsers if they wish not to be found or they can also deny the request from our website as we first ask permission from every user at every visit for using cookies. We ensure that none of this information will be used to cause harm or damage to the user and we safeguard the information only to us.


OnTime Cars Maidenhead is a registered and legal taxi service provider from Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK with a registered address at 107 Queen Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 1LR, UK.

It is every user’s mandatory responsibility to read, respect, and comply with company’s rules, regulations, privacy policies, terms and conditions. Upon reaching this point, you have already provided an electronic consent of agreement otherwise stated separately.

Legal and severe court action will be taken against users and passengers, found in violation of company’s objectives, services, privacy policy, terms and conditions.