Canterbury Hospital – History, Facts, Amenities and Information

Hospital in Canterbury – Kent and Canterbury Hospital:

Canterbury Hospital

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Canterbury Hospital provides 24 hours a day exceptional medical treatment and attention serving one of the best clinics and hospitals in Canterbury. The history of Kent & Canterbury hospital when it first opened doors to the Kent locals on 26th of April, 1793. Dr William Carter was the patronages who laid the foundation of the Kent & Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury.

Canterbury Hospital

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If you’re interested to know more about the fascinating Kent & Canterbury Hospital history, then there’s a book called ‘The Kent and Canterbury Hospital 1790-1987 by F. Marcus Hall’ that has excellent historical details about the Canterbury Hospital.

Facts About Canterbury Hospital:

Did you know?

Some old archives and records of Kent & Canterbury Hospital were burned by the hospital. Documents include records, doctors’ case notes, financial records, meeting minutes, and patient registers. Historians describe this incident as ‘Destruction of Material’

East Kent Hospitals – Kent & Canterbury Hospital Services, Departments:

Canterbury Hospital

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The Kent and Canterbury Hospital, Canterbury, UK has several diagnostic departments and an emergency department, the hospital provides medical treatment for minor and major injuries (including illness).

Situated on the outskirts of Canterbury, the buildings that we see today were built in 1937 as a result of development programmes. Following are some of the services Canterbury Hospital provides with specialization of treatment:

Kent & Canterbury Hospital is affiliated with East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust. There are specialized doctors, nurses and medical staff who are recruitment after careful ethical, professional and training. Healthcare professionals, skilled doctors, and qualified nurses devote day and night to provide first-rate medical treatment to Kent locals.

Canterbury Hospital

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Getting to and from Kent & Canterbury Hospital:

Being part of the city of Canterbury, people can visit the hospital for routine check-ups and medical consult by utilizing the following public transport:

Travel to Kent & Canterbury Hospital by Train – hop in any train that has a stop at Canterbury East Train Station CT1 2RB and Canterbury West Train Station CT2 7RJ (trains to Kent & Canterbury Hospital)

Travel to Kent & Canterbury Hospital by Bus/Coach – use the following bus stations and routes as drop-off stations for the bus to Kent & Canterbury Hospital. Canterbury Bus Station CT1 2SY, follow Route 25/25A Stagecoach, Route 17 Stagecoach, Route 620 Poynters, Route 21/21A Stagecoach, Route 22 Stagecoach, Route 3B Stagecoach, Route 649 Regent Coaches

Travel to Kent & Canterbury Hospital by Taxi – Visit the best hospital in Kent and Canterbury by booking a taxi to Kent & Canterbury Hospital with Canterbury Taxis & Airport Transfers at quite affordable prices.

Canterbury Hospital

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Contact Details of Canterbury Hospital:

  • Kent and Canterbury Hospital Address – Ethelbert Road, Canterbury, Kent, UK
  • Kent and Canterbury Hospital Postcode – CT1 3NG
  • Kent and Canterbury Hospital Contact Number – +44 1227 766877
  • Kent and Canterbury Hospital Opening Times – 24 Hours a day

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